An Island Experience You'll Never Forget

All our costumes are authentic and custom made! 
We love what we do and we do it because we love to share with the world our culture. We have up to 6o+ years of Polynesian dancing experience and want to share it with you! 

Our Spectacular performances include dances from the different beautiful islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Aotearoa; New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and Samoa 

Virginia Beach Polynesian Festival

SAMOA is the hosting this year. This event started by Reverend Meki To'alepai (Samoa) of Baltimore, in the summer of 1985 brings local Polynesian music and entertainment groups and communities closer together for a day of fellowship and cultural sharing.  This is a family oriented activity to share our songs, dances, arts and crafts, talents and food.

Virginia Beach boardwalk at 24th street

Where you can actually see the waves crashing on the shore from the stage area. Come see us and many other beautiful talented groups perform this year!!! See you there!

Shades of Polynesia



Pacific Fun Day



Our Culture